Application [Rejected]

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Application [Rejected]

Post  Roguence on Sun 04 Jan 2009, 17:39

Real Life Information

1. Name :Andaleb
2. Nationality :Sweden
3. Age :15

In-Game Information

1. Character Name:Roguence
2. Level:80
3. Class:Rogue

4. Professions:Mining & Enginering
5. Talent Tree:Mutilate
6. Equipment (Link from wow-armory)

7. Previous Guilds in Genjuros (Why you left or want to leave) :Cruor,
8. Past Raid Experience(Pre-Tbc , Tbc , Wotlk):Didnt play pre tbc. tbc Expirience was Kara/Za/Gruuls/TK/SSC

9. Why do you want to join us: Becuse u are a great guild and u raid allot which i like cause that gives more expierince in the game.
10. Do you know anyone from BoRdeRliNe:PungbrÄck, Mkr

11. What days can you raid (yes or no and what time) :Everyday to 01:00








12. What do you expect finding in BoRdeRliNe: A great guild with many good players.

Edit: Maybe i am a little undergeared, But im trying my best to get better geared, Just bad luck with rolls and dropps:). But that doesnt stop me from keep trying. And i dont give just becuse of whipes.

Mine mutilate pve specc


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Post  Roguence on Sun 04 Jan 2009, 17:45

Edit: Cruor is more pvp guild than pve.
Mine mutilate specc pve : it didnt show last time but it is [51/13/7]


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Re: Application [Rejected]

Post  Diez on Mon 05 Jan 2009, 01:46

unfortunately we are full of rogues. Gl in finding a guild that suits you.
application declined.

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Re: Application [Rejected]

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