rogue apllication [Accepted]

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rogue apllication [Accepted]

Post  shivamoo on Sat 20 Dec 2008, 16:02

Real Life Information

1. Name : Marianna
2. Nationality : Greek
3. Age : 28

In-Game Information

1. Character Name: Shivamoon
2. Level: 80
3. Class: rogue

4. Professions: skinning / leatherworking
5. Talent Tree: combat
6. Equipment (Link from wow-armory) :

7. Previous Guilds in Genjuros (Why you left or want to leave) : guardians of dreams (the guild was deleted by the gm Doomhammer accidentally Very Happy so we moved to the following) , perfect circle, ELLHNES, Touristes
8. Past Raid Experience(Pre-Tbc , Tbc , Wotlk): TBC most of them

9. Why do you want to join us: Im looking for a an organized guild that is friendly so as to increase my raiding experience
10. Do you know anyone from BoRdeRliNe: Yes, Khalas , Doomhammer, Jkoiks, Bagro

11. What days can you raid (yes or no and what time) :

-Monday: yes after 17:30

-Tuesday: yes after 17:30

-Wednesday: yes after 17:30

-Thursday: yes after 17:30

-Friday: yes , after 17:30

-Saturday: yes ,all day

-Sunday: yes .all day

11. What do you expect finding in BoRdeRliNe: a guild with past , present and future !


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Re: rogue apllication [Accepted]

Post  Naelyn on Sat 20 Dec 2008, 16:18

We need one rogue for the guild . Chance for both for us to see how it goes. All Needed is activity for you.
ACCEPTED for a trial period of time .

Whisper Naelyn / Forestgun/Pluche for invite.



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