Shaman Application [Rejected]

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Shaman Application [Rejected]

Post  Guest on Sun 14 Dec 2008, 12:17

1. Name :Mixalis
2. Nationality :Greece
3. Age :17almost

In-Game Information

1. Character Name:Atlandida
2. Level:80
3. Class:shaman

4. Professions:mining/enchanting
5. Talent Tree:Elemental
6. Equipment (Link from wow-armory) :

7. Previous Guilds in Genjuros (Why you left or want to leave) :TheOmen ..causing..they speaking..english..but we have here some greek ppl
8. Past Raid Experience(Pre-Tbc , Tbc , Wotlk):i have from Tbc and i want the tacts on naxxramas..from 2 bosses i dont remember the names

9. Why do you want to join us:cause i want to make new friend is there khalas and jkoiks<3
10. Do you know anyone from BoRdeRliNe:khalas,jkoiks

11. What days can you raid (yes or no and what time) :everyday








11. What do you expect finding in


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Re: Shaman Application [Rejected]

Post  Guest on Mon 15 Dec 2008, 22:38

i'm waiting about for answer


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Post  Naelyn on Fri 19 Dec 2008, 03:02

As i can see from your armory link , u have many cloth items and many blue quality , u are willing to join a guild which raids 25men instance 5 times a week , imo u dont have many chances.Try improve your gear and Re-apply on the future.
Sorry for keeping you waiting .
For now,Application DENIED .

Naelyn ,Priest.

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Re: Shaman Application [Rejected]

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