Application Paladin Tank [Rejected]

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Application Paladin Tank [Rejected]

Post  Tånkådin on Wed 18 Mar 2009, 21:59

Real Life Information

1. Name :Mike
2. Nationality :Greek
3. Age :19

In-Game Information

1. Character Name:Tånkådin
2. Level:80
3. Class:Paladin

4. Professions:Mining-Blacksmithing (450/450)
5. Talent Tree:0-61-10 Protection
6. Equipment (Link from wow-armory)

7. Previous Guilds in Genjuros (Why you left or want to leave) :I was transfered from Sylvanas where i was on Conquest just to help a friend. I was in Top Notch in Genjuros just to know some ppl and help my friend. I left cause i cant deal with noobs!
8. Past Raid Experience(Pre-Tbc , Tbc , Wotlk): Tbc: (not so much mostly hc) Kara, ZA, Magy Wotlk: Naxx 10-25, OS 10-25, Malygos 10

9. Why do you want to join us:LF a seriously guild with seriously ppl for some harcore PvE. Aslo u r in the top 10 in Alliance Genjuros Guilds and i see u need tanks (so i hope i will raid all tht time) Very Happy
10. Do you know anyone from BoRdeRliNe:nope

11. What days can you raid (We raid Monday-Thursday 18:30 server time and Sunday 17:00 server time) :








12. What do you expect finding in BoRdeRliNe: ppl with brains!


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Re: Application Paladin Tank [Rejected]

Post  Ecko on Thu 19 Mar 2009, 02:16

Well, the gear seems abit average since it is mainly consisted by hc, heroes' items.
Plus we got a decently geared protadin for the encounters that require him to be present.
Anyways, im not an officer to make a decision, i wish you good luck with ur application.

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Post  Forestgun on Thu 19 Mar 2009, 13:53

As Psychosis said you gear is not for our standards.Our Protadin is rly active and I don' think you will have many oportunities.
Application DENIED
Good luck in finding a guild that suits you


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Re: Application Paladin Tank [Rejected]

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